Wrath Warmane

Naxx 10

Toxic plays Wrath!

After finishing the Warmane TBC server, a handful of us decided to try messing around on a Wrath of the Lich King server.  We quickly leveled and started doing Naxx 10 man.  Now this server had been out for a few years and already had all the content out (ICC & Ruby Sanctum).  It was pretty obvious here the major issues that started coming with the Wrath expansion and onwards.  As we were fresh level 80’s with dungeon gear, we noticed it didn’t matter what we ever did in a pvp situation, we would get 1-2 shot by people (BIS ICC25+).  Oh how the times have changed!  Now I don’t deny that in previous expansions the same could be said about wrecking people if you out gear them.  However, anyone that even had any aoe could easily kill a full 5 man and basically be untouchable because of the self healing mechanics that were added in Wrath.  Either way, we tried to make the most of it.

We started clearing Naxxramas 10 man right after we dinged 80.  The content was as it always was in wrath, a joke.  We did some Ulduar and didn’t have any trouble in there.  So we decided to try ICC and see if we could really challenge ourselves (our average gear level was probably Ulduar level at this point).  We killed the first few bosses with ease and it was at that point that most of us just lost interest essentially.  The content was to easy on the server and the actual numbers seemed skewed to high compared to real WOLK.  Malarr still to this day is somewhere lost in the wilderness of the Storm Peaks.  One day we will find you!

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