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Kronos vs Nost – Our Thoughts and Plan

November 7, 2016

As I am sure you heard, Nostalrius released an announcement giving their server code and character database to Elysium’s server. With that said, there are probably a lot of thoughts and questions in terms of what our thoughts are with this announcement. We are not taking either direction lightly and we hope you will join us in making the correct decision. Please comment below with any comments, concerns, or other relevant informations.

So what will sway us either way will be determined by a lot of factors, most important being:

  1. Current Guild’s Views
  2. Quality of Life of Elysium
  3. Current Kronos & Population & Future

We will talk tonight (11-7-2016) after our Onyxia raid. We will field any questions, comments, or concerns there are in this session.

Known Facts:

  • Minimum time to release is 4 weeks – Dec 6, 2016
  • 16 Nost staff (gm’s, developers, admins) have joined Elysium

Announcement & Relevant Infos:
Nostalrius Post Mortem Write-up
Nost Official Handoff Announcement
Elysium’s Announcement
Blizzard & Legacy Servers Interview (Nov 6, 2016)
Reddit Post – Nost & Elysium

Decision Making Process:

  1. Elysium Server Population & Stability (Under/Over population, Draw Distance, D/C’s, etc)
  2. Kronos Population (Did the NA Population take a huge hit?)
  3. Kronos Development & Future (Are we ok with decisions that happen if population decreases?)
  4. Elysium Rules & Spawns & Timeline (Multi-box, Black Lotus/Plaugebloom, AQ40 –> Naxx –> TBC??)
  5. Commitment by raiding core to assist in power leveling the core (Poll setup)
  6. Guild Vote (xx% Majority Rules, How Important 1-10 questions… Draw Distance, Population etc)
  7. DKP & Transition (New Players vs Old???)

Our Priorities:

  1. Current Guild comes first, no matter what decision is reached.
  2. If the new Nost server is chosen, every person in raid currently will be either:
    • Power Leveled (1-40 in approx 10 hours)
    • Given a level 60 to play (TBD by players giving up alternate characters)
  3. New Nost has to be a step above current standards (Bug fixing, latency, dc’s)

Pros & Cons List:


  • Good portion of Nost staff is moving to Elysium
  • Old Characters & all Items and Materials remain
  • Power Leveling
  • No Buying/Selling of Characters (Store etc.)
  • Rage & Threat work properly
  • Melee DPS works properly & weapon skill (Melee dps will be downgraded)
  • Properly working Pathfinding
  • Razorgore Adds worked properly (all within range)
  • Higher Chance of epic drops (Trash BOP’s & World BOE’s)
  • Herb Node timer’s faster


  • Server Staff are partially Russian
  • Valkyrie has been around awhile and might be more prone to old ways
  • Valkyrie server itself was stuck in BWL for years (No AQ40 opening)
  • Huge commitment to catching up some people (#’s TBD)
  • Some people will be lost in transition (either decision there probably will be some that don’t stay with us)
  • DKP situation – current players
  • Dual Boxxing, GM Ban’s & the standard
  • 50g respec costs vs 5g respec costs
  • Chinese population & economy issues related

Tairy hits 60! We are finally a real guild!

Nefarian is Dead!

October 31, 2016

October Week 3

October 20, 2016

This week, we have made significant progress as a raid. We cleared Molten Core on Monday in record time. On Wednesday, we pushed far into (that’s what she said) BWL, getting all the way to Chromag and killing him! We started 30 minutes late or we probably would have killed Nefarian also tonight. We have high hopes that we will have our raids down to a two day a week or less this week! Great job everyone! Special shout outs to the GSO birthday bash on tuesday, with him finally getting his Bonereaver’s Edge! Big shout out also to Dwops getting the iconic Drake Fang Talisman for a whopping 270 dkp! Cerina came back also and made a grand entrance in teamspeak! What a week it’s been! Looking forward to tomorrow night and Nef and MC completion!

Toxic Kills Chromag!

October 20, 2016

Oct 3rd – BWL

October 4, 2016

Tonight was an interesting night. We started the night like usual, full DM buffs. It was then the magic happened. It was ten minutes before we were scheduled to start and you guessed it, we had a full 40 man! We then proceeded to get both Onyxia and the Rend buffs. Hearthstone to Kargath and we all ran into BWL together. We quicky pulled Razorgore. Toxic did awesome, all Razorgores eggs were cleared! What happened next blew our mind. All of the adds didn’t despawn ( 25+ adds). So we started our most promising BWL and had gotten the shaft. A few more attempts and a full Reformation of the raid later, we had moved on and killed Vael. We still quickly finished off the Suppression Room and Broodlord. Proceeded to Firemaw and killed him. Sadly the raid time was up. Our approximately 15 min Razorgore turned into almost two solid hours. Even though that sucked, our hopes were not dashed. Everyone did great still!! Very proud!

Toxic takes on Hardmode Rend!

June 25, 2016

Tonight we did our first few UBRS guild runs. Very smooth despite a situation that would have wiped many others. On the Rend fight (waves of adds), Pro got disconnected after a few waves on the Rend fight, and upon relogging into the server, the encounter started again, only the 1st encounter was still going on. We fought hard and we fought well, wave after wave after wave. There was about 15 seconds in between each wave, with a total of around 12 waves so by the end we have 10+ elites we were killing and kiting. Guess what, NOT ONE DEATH! Go healers! This marks the beginning of something special, we got something special in our core!

Watch out for this brick!!

May 29, 2016

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