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Toxic does Anathema (Elysium)

Where do I start?  We rerolled to Anathema in December 2016.  We were playing on Kronos II at the time when deciding to join up on the re-release of Nostalrius (Anathema server hosted by Elysium).  The first few weeks were glorious.  All of our old Nostalrius toons we had, the lag was good (averaged 50+ ms less than K2 at the time).  Pronator put together a pretty in-depth analysis of the issues we would inevitably face by staying on Kronos when the release of Nost 2.0 was so good.

Anathema Toxic Spreadsheet

“Long story short, Nost in the last 4 days has been 10x better than we ever expected. We have been all extremely surprised by this. With this, we have spent a lot of time talking and debating, Kronos will lose more and more people and guilds as time goes on. The better Nost does (def is doing very well), the worse Kronos becomes. This does not mean anyone should feel 100% obligated to join us in the power leveling of the toons you choose. We want every person we have currently to be with us as a family. We will help out as much as possible to level, dungeon, and help gear. We understand that many have put a ton of time into Kronos so this decision was not made lightly. Do not go crazy overboard and sell your K2 account or delete your gear, it is still in our back pocket if we need it. If TBC ever does get released on Kronos, then we can transfer those toons over. Again, a very tough decision but the clear choice we all agree on to keep the guild in tact as a family is the new Nostalrius.” -Pronator

Why Nost?
Stability and MS have been very good
Bug Fixes, Communication from Developers
High Population w/ best Private Server Launch ever
Average of 40-70 MS less on Nost than Kronos
Challenge of content on par w/ guild performance
Current state of Kronos (loosing population) & new Nost server will decrease even more (last 3 nights only 350 on horde side during NA times)
Any dungeon/group/ZG easy to pug
K2 rushed to merge K1 in — Potentially Naxx rushed for K1 before K2 is ready
Power leveling is working and will be used for each person
Alt raids will be a thing sooner than later
Jeenyus Mustache Ride


The issue we mainly faced at this point was not leaving our friends from Kronos II behind that were sticking with us.  Here is where Toxic shined in its true light!  We helped power-level 19 of our players to 60!  Sure us 60’s could have been focused on gathering consumables, but what makes a great team isn’t the individual, it’s the team!  From the insane amount of times we did Scarlet Monestary to the fun BRD times, we managed to get 360 levels achieved via power leveling while the total levels that were gained unaided were 507.  That’s 41.5% of the leveling of the guild we assisted with power leveling.

Do you think it stopped there? Nope!!  Toxic made sure all of the levelers also were equipted with: Bloodvine sets, Devilsaur sets, Hide of the Wild, Corehound Belt, Lionheart Helm, Nightfalls, Bags, and also gold!  Good thing Toxic had a good cash reserve as we fully dipped into it and spent 100% of what we had getting everyone their BOE gear they needed!!

6 weeks is what it took us to get our player base ready.  We started into the Molten Core raid on January 23, 2017.  A full clear in 1 hour and 35 minutes! Not bad for 35 people and 20 of them being fresh 60’s!  We went into BWL on February 2nd, 2017 and smashed some bosses!  We got up through Firemaw before calling it for the first night.  We came in later that week and full cleared the rest of the raid! What an excellent week 1 and 2 of Toxic raiding!

We proceeded to full clear BWL every week from there until we stopped on the server in June of 2017.  We also did a lot of MC full clears but once AQ40 was released, we pushed to just doing Bindings runs really.  We stepped foot into AQ40 on April 26, 2017 (the day it opened).  The Prophet boss was teleporting around way more than it should have and caused us to wipe over and over the entire night.  We went back in the following night on April 27th and one shot Prophet (thanks to all the arcane and nature pots).  We proceeded to kill the Bug Trio that night also and put a few attempts on Battleguard Sartura.  It was the following week on May 1, 2017 that we killed Sartura.  We made quick work of Fankriss the Unyielding that night also and then wiped on Princess Huhuran (13%).  On May 10, 2017 we 2 shot the Twin Emperor’s!!  Michaelfox called “I’m proud of you all” which is why we killed it!  The final boss we did in AQ40 was Viscidus and that was May 29th (had everyone come on alts who had a mage or an priest for the ooze AOE).

Again the private server community got us.  With the bulk of the server having already left for the fresh Elysium, our Anathema server was down to 8x less of a population than when we started.  It was fun to get to experience AQ40 for sure!  The dilemma was upon us.  How do we maintain enjoying the game when we struggled so hard to recruit any fresh new faces?  After a long and arduous debate, we decided it was best to hang up our boots for now, switching over to a TBC Warmane server, and then probably come back for Naxx40.  We never did come back as we were having a good time on TBC early on.

AQ40 is Coming! Are you prepared?

April 25, 2017

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. The war effort on Anathema has completed (last chunk was auto-completed), the no-life guilds have completed the AQ Mount chain (Dreamstate Horde was first to get Moonglade boss), and Toxic made a decision on our first AQ40 week! So the Gong will be bonk’d on April 26th within an hour or so of the server reset (so approximately 10AM EST or 7AM PST). They increased the window of opportunity to bang the gong to 16 hours (up from retail 10) and took the cap off the number of players that can get the mount (does no good knowing that information now).

Tonight, we killed Onyxia and decided is was best to prioritize ourselves on getting reaquainted with the mechanics and fights of the great AQ40 most of us did back in 2006. At the beginning of the night, we created a Strawpoll to determine what direction we should take for the raid week and progression. Of the three options, 2 were abundantly clear. We either full clear all our content on Wednesday that we know we can clear, or we throw caution to the wind and try the new content. 29 Votes Cast. 13 voted to start and go as much AQ40 as possible and 12 voted to clear the content on Wednesday. I think either way, we all want to get into AQ as it is one of the things we have been longing for to relive the glory days of Vanilla Wow Raiding. We decided that we will do AQ40, with the goal of progressing and having as much fun as possible! We don’t plan on missing our BWL or MC lockout but if we are progressing well, I think the general concensus is let’s get as much content in AQ40 as we can (I still want to ensure no matter what that we do kill Baron for a chance at Michael’s binding)!

With that said, it is finally here! Are you prepared? Excited? Ready? Make sure you don’t get discouraged as the definition of Progression in Vanilla and TBC involves many deaths and wipes! So sit back, relax, pull up a chair, and get ready for the end! AQ40 hooooooooooo!

Nostalrius 2.0 – Week 1 Power Leveling

December 29, 2016

If you haven’t heard, we have decided to make the transition back to Nostalrius 2.0 Elysium.  We have been playing on Kronos II since May 2016.  We were preparing for AQ40 and most of us had close to BIS through BWL (not quite I would say 80% done).  When we heard about Nost coming back, our initial thoughts were 100% hesitation.  It was all based on how good the first week or two went.  We expected 100% garbage: server crashes, dc’s, unplayable.  What we got was 180 degrees opposite of this.  The server was stable (few crashes and dc’s over first few days).  Everyone’s latency was 40-80 less than Kronos with a population of 10-15x that of Kronos.

Last Tuesday, we had a 3 hour long officer meeting in regards to rehashing and rethinking our initial thoughts on the new Nost.  Even though we all were fully committed to Kronos, it was apparent that the biggest risk in terms of keeping the guild alive and thriving, was staying at our home on Kronos.  So Wednesday night, as our raid time started, we made the official announcement to the guild in teamspeak.  We made it very apparent that we wanted everyone to stay with us and join us on Nost 2.0 (powerlevel, bags, and level 40 mount included).  We made it clear that there was an enormous commitment and we won’t hold any grudges if anyone decides to not join us in the transition.  That night, we had a huge number of our friends reroll and create their level 1 Alliance characters.  Seventeen (17) players from Kronos joined and started leveling the first night.

I have some figures that you might find interesting:

Week 1 Nost 2.0

Guild Powerleveled 10-20: 101 levels total

Guild Powerleveled 20-30: 140 levels total

Guild Powerleveled 30-40: 75 levels total

Guild Powerleveled Totals: 316 levels Power Leveled

Current Needs & Future:

We currently have a good start to re-establishing our 40 man raid.  We are good on Tanks (4), Druids (3), Rogues (6), DPS Warriors (5), Warlocks (6), Shadow Priest (1).  We currently need 1 Holy Pally (current 4), 1 Mage (current 5), 2 Dwarf Holy Priest (current 3), 1 Protection Pally, Hunters??? (Depending on Pathetic & Malarr).

We are looking to start getting back into the raiding scene ASAP, however we still need to focus on Powerleveling as much as possible.  Our tenative plan is to start raids back up on Wednesday, January 11th.  This will include full Molten Core, Onyxia, ZG, and as much of BWL as possible! We have in the works a list of professions and updated guild data.  Please get with Pronator and/or Chubbinz as to what professions you are (mains and alts).  We want to help gear as much as we can and will rely on getting certain cooldowns going (Arcanite transmute, Mooncloth cd’s).  Please find this list of what we are trying to get put together.

If you haven’t heard how to get an account or your old Nostalrius characters back, please find the links below.

set realmlist
set realmname “Nostalrius PVP”

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