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Molten Core Boss Kills

Kronos 3 Has Launched!

Here at <Toxic> we expect our raiders to be always focused on bettering themselves and doing whatever they can to perform to their fullest potential. We expect raiders to learn their classes in and out, find out the best talent specs for their role, and min/max their gear. We also expect our raiders to be using the appropriate consumables for their class during each raid. We plan to use a DKP-Loot Class Priority System to deal with distribution of loot.

New applicants (recruits) must have at least 75% pre-raid best in slot gear to be considered to join our raiding roster. We also require it to be appropriately enchanted. Recruits will have a two week application process at the end of which we will determine if you are suited to be promoted to full time raider. During this two week trial you will earn DKP for attendance, yet it is important to understand you will not be able to get loot over full time raiders. If there are no raiders that need an item, you will be allowed to bid on it as a recruit.

If you’re interested in joining a serious raiding guild without the drama drop us an application.

Toxic Loot System

This system will ensure that players are getting the items that are best for their class with certain items being determined by Loot Council via an item priority list system and in some circumstances reviewing how each individual performs as a whole in deciding who gets loot.

I have done a ton of research on all types of loot systems, there never seems to be one system that is superior to another, which is why I want to take multiple systems and combine them together. This will allow for the flexibility to get what items you really want, with the items that are huge for the guild and raid going to the proper people.

Please note, I have lead and been a part of so many guilds, from free rolls, DKP, loot council, you name it. My personal take on the different systems is the best would be a combined system. As always, up for discussion and any observations or things to watch out for are always appreciated!

How to earn DKP:

1 DKP will be earned for every Molten Core boss kill(3 DKP for guild first kills).
3 DKP will be earned for killing Onyxia and Ragnaros.
3 DKP will be earned for every Blackwing Lair boss kill(5 DKP for guild first kills).
5 DKP will be earned for killing Nefarian(5 DKP additional for guild first kill).
*DKP is earned after the current raid night and is able to used at the next following raid

Items and their minimum DKP Values:

Tier 1:5
Tier 2:10
MH/OH/Ranged Weapons:5
Trinkets: 5
Random: 3
Class Specific:5

How to spend DKP:

We will be using the silent bidding DKP system. After an item has dropped and you want to buy it with DKP, you will see the Master Looter post the item and if you are interested whisper the Master Looter the DKP bid (must meet bare minimum). Master Looter will announce in Teamspeak or Raid Chat the current bid. Bidding must be quick as we don’t want to waste time.

All item rules still apply and certain items are prioritized to specific classes/specs as listed here. Items will be first announced for MS bidding with their associated minimum DKP values and then be announced for OS/Vanity bidding at a value of 0 DKP. Anyone interested in an item for OS/Vanity reasons they will /random 100 and will be awarded to the highest roller for 0 DKP.

**Note: Do not take advantage of this system by trying to get items that you are going to be using for your for your MS and all the time by waiting to try and get the item for a minimum of 1 DKP. If you are found to be doing this do not be surprised to be penalized DKP.

  • You cannot spend the DKP you’re earning for the current raid until the next raid day.
  • You cannot wager more DKP than you have earned.
  • You cannot wager DKP on an item that provides no benefit to you.
  • You cannot win an item with DKP on an Off Spec if someone else wants the item for their Main Spec(MS>OS).
  • Certain unique items(mostly Legendaries) will not be used with DKP and be decided primarily by Loot Council decisions.
    • – Example – Bindings for Thunderfury, Eye of Sulfuras from Ragnaros
  • Certain items will be prioritized to certain classes (MS>OS) — a priority list will be updated and implemented
  • Do not place joke bids to the Master Looter, his job is hard enough without having to sort serious bids from fake ones.
    • (You will get negative DKP penalty if you are a repeat offender and causing problems repeatedly)
  • In the event of a tie bid of two or possibly more raiders maximum DKP, there will either be a /roll 1-100 between the multiple raiders or the Officers will determine via a Loot Council system decision.

1.) Request Item xyz

2.) Sort by (Name, Rarity, Item Type, Value)

3.) Filter by

4.) Show items by database

5.) Get total items in view and make sure add them to the for loop. For example:

for i=1 to toxic.database.guildbank.count() do

create spot for item frame and item with quanity of totals for said item and color by quality (tooltip on hover)


Pros Addon to show in nice gui format all players and their professions

Sort by profession

By Name

By type of craft/thing

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