Toxic Nostalrius Spreadsheet

A Salute to Toxic

April 18, 2016

We’ve been through a lot. We have done 43 Molten Core’s together, 26 Blackwing Lairs. We have seen Pronator’s extra special Medivh Halloween Crypt Extravaganza. We did Onyxia enough to get 42 18 slot bags. There has been countless hours of teamspeak chat and an incredible amount of true friendships developed. The guild has an unprecedented amount of loyalty. 38 of our raiders have a 75% or better lifetime attendance to raids. Two dozen of us are above 90% lifetime with Michaelfox taking the cake attending every single raid we have ever done. We have seen people like Heracles get an incredible 46 items, mostly 2 handers with Dooya and Michael coming in close with 44 and 43 respectively.

We’ve seen friends come and go, like our first raid with the 5 hour rogue Twopiece, or the Baron exploding druid, Articleseven who was the best at timing his heals. We’ve had friends go off to lead High School Texas Basketball teams all the way, aka Chubbin. We’ve had the incredible camper, Ragenerator. We’ve seen boomkins, Ret pallys getting 15 place dps and many many more. So many memories, we have all invested so much! This is not the end. The end is not now, tears may be shed, hearts may be pierced, but I tell you we will overcome. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

Our story now continues to a new chapter. Thank you to all for making this extra special to me. It has been a privilege and an absolute honor getting to know each and every one of you. While the server is done, the friendships and bonds we made were what made this extra special. Never forget the memories, never forget Toxic and the relationships we made. Stay together, stay strong, and always remember the awesome times! I will never forget.

Forever and always an honor!


Final Toxic Pictures - Nostalrius (Beginning to End)

April 8, 2016

Toxic Final - Nostalrius

Perdition’s Blade is Real! Congrats to Tairy!!

March 1, 2016

A Very Toxic Christmas

Pronator’s Birthday Party

Toxic Halloween Party 2015

RIP Nostalrius

April 6, 2016

Greater Nature Protection Potions

March 31, 2016

Our First Binding! Congrats to Michaelfox

March 29, 2016

Toxic MC Main Run — Alt Signups Now Allowed

March 22, 2016

Hey all!  If you haven’t seen or heard, we are now allowing 3 alts to attend our Main MC raid (after BWL).  We have an excellent write-up by our own Michaelfox posted here.

-MAX 3 ALTS in raid.
-Raid MUST have 40 players in MC (if raid is even 1 player under 40 everyone is on mains)
-The player MUST have 80% life time raid attendance
-The ALT must have 75% pre-raid BiS to Sign up
-The ALT has ZERO item priority, only items to be DE’d are available to them. Recruit and higher rank will be prioritized (IF YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT 1 ITEM THAT DROPS YOUR ALTS RUN WILL BE OVER)
-The ALT must be fully consumed, and performing at its best
-The ALT must be outside Molten Core prior to the end of BWL
-The spots available are a privilege, if you fuck around and cause ALTS to be an issue they wont be allowed in raid. Don’t ruin it for others.
– Officers always have the right to change our mind for the best of the raid. This includes not allowing key role players to swap IE Healers and Tanks if we are short of said class. Raid consistency will always be our main priority.

Sign ups

Sign ups will be done on the forums through First Come First Serve for the FIRST WEEK. After that a list will be compiled in order of registered and each person going down the list will be given the opportunity to bring in your alt for that week. After that week your name goes to the end of the list and the next group will go next week.

Hopefully you take advantage of this!

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