Here at <Toxic> we expect our raiders to be always focused on bettering themselves and doing whatever they can to perform to their fullest potential.  We expect raiders to learn their classes in and out, find out the best talent specs for their role, and min/max their gear.  We also expect our raiders to be using the appropriate consumables for their class during each raid.  We plan to use a Loot Council Priority System(must read) to deal with distribution of loot.

New applicants (recruits) must have at least 75% pre-raid best in slot gear to be considered to join our raiding roster.  We also require it to be appropriately enchanted.  Recruits will have a two week application process at the end of which we will determine if you are suited to be promoted to full time raider.  During this two week trial you will earn LC points for attendance, yet it is important to understand you will not be able to get loot over full time raiders.  If there are no raiders that need an item, you will be allowed to bid on it as a recruit.

If you’re interested in joining a serious raiding guild without the drama drop us an application.

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