Toxic Website to go live May 9th, 2018!


After several months of creating custom html, css, and many other widgets and gadgets, I am going to push and announce our new website tonight at the monthly guild meeting (was sick last Wednesday so pushed out a week).  I have learned a great deal and refreshed my memory on a lot of html, css, and php.  There were many challenges that were faced in the setup and design and I couldn’t have done it without some assistance from Randythor!!  Thanks Randy!

I have many more cool and exciting things planned for the site, much more to come including full integration of DKP, Wow Character Data (Gear, Professions, Reps), Raid History and Performance, Guild Banks, and a fully working team building automated tool (matches you with guildies based on what gear everyone needs to minimize overlaps).  Obviously this is a lot and quite a bit of work and effort.  If you want to lend a helping hand, even if it is just giving ideas or high level concepts, I am 100% open to anything!

This website once fully integrated and working to its full potential will be a great avenue of attracting the very serious gamers we are looking for!  Toxic 2018 and beyond!

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