Toxic kills 3 MC bosses with 25 players!!


So last night we did our first raid on Kronos 3.  We decided to go into Molten Core with whatever we had and try to farm trash and reputation.  We had 23 players to start.  We quickly blew through the trash and found ourselves looking at Lucifron.  We thought to ourselves, “well the curse and magic is going to be really bad but what would it hurt to see the boss anyhow”.  We were so glad we attempted it!  3 minutes later and 6 out of the 24 players alive, we killed it!!  What an epic moment pushing ourselves to the actual brink of what was possible on the fight with 24 players (16 less than most).

We had now one tranq shot now.  Should we try Magmadar with 25 (Val joined after)?  Sure why not!  The worst that can happen is we wipe right?  Yep, let’s do it!  First attempt, got Mag to 18%!  Ok, we can actually do this!  Second attempt, 12%.  3rd time is the charm right?  You better believe it!!!  Awesome job and awesome kill!

The final boss we did was Gehenis.  We easy one shot this boss!

We spent the rest of the night clearing trash and continuing our Onyxia quest chain.  What an amazing job Toxic did as a hole!  Special shout out to Triggerlily for guild first 60 and the sick Ring of Spellpower!!

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