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    DM stuff + shit like spell weaver turban + other gear from 5 mans isnt out yet, so for now this is the pre pre bis for mages (frost ofc)

    hat : any “of frozen wrath” frost dmg hat from AH
    : Dreamweave hat is a good 21 spell dmg /int/spirit alternative if you are poor.
    : if you are engineering +36 frost dmg (max frost dmg) is pretty cheap on AH but requires engineering 300

    When Spellweaver turban comes out into the game Switch to that though, drops off UBRS last boss drakkisath

    Neck : Star of Mystaria

    Drops from Balnaazar from Strat Live last boss.
    pretty high drop rate
    (trigger farms strat live almost everyday so if you want to get good groups ask him for that, but frost dmg cape is always ressed for him so keep that in mind)

    Shoulders : Boreal Mantle

    Drops from BRD warder Stiglis – it says its a rare spawn on kronos rare spawns are almost always up (dont ask me why, “blizzlike”)

    For this boss, he is the boss right in front of the Vault, so unless you do a full quest run then its highly unlikely people will go out of their way to get this boss done, so better to just form a group yourself as a quest full run or join a quest run from world.

    Cape : Cape of frozen wrath dmg from AH or Frost dmg cape from Archivist in Strat Live is your only bet atm, 21 frost dmg is the max you can get from any of these, but there is a 14 spell dmg cloak out there from a quest or dungeon, but im not sure to be quite honest, sorry.

    Chest : Robe of the archmage – crafted by tailoring – requires tailoring 300 and costs a lot

    if you are poor , robe of winter night is boe and doesnt require tailoring and is pretty cheap compared to archmage robes. Good alternative

    Bracers : Bracers with “frozen wrath” suffix with 21 frost dmg being the max that can be rolled on it, or if you are godlike lucky like triggerlily you can find one off Incendius that gives frost dmg on them.

    Weapon : Witchblade from Scholomance Last boss ( gandling)

    Offhand : Spirit of Aqueamentas
    Quest reward from Ungoro

    Wand : Bonecreeper Stylus
    Drops off same boss that drops weapon (scholo last boss)

    Gloves : Hands of Power
    LBRS quartermaster boss
    aids dungeon, aids drop rate, aids to find a group for full run

    Belt : Banthok Sash
    BRD arena runs Boss : Ogre boss

    Pants : Skyshroud Leggings
    LBRS ommok boss
    Easiest to get prob cus people gem farm and this is the first boss of LBRS

    Boots : omnicast Boots
    Golem lord in BRD

    Ring 1 : Eye of Orgrimmar
    saving princess quest

    Ring 2 : Freezing band if you can save enough gold up 21 frost dmg and pvp proc
    : Band of the unicorn is 13 sp dmg and is much cheaper
    : Rank 7 pvp ring gives 14 spell dmg iirc
    : Band of the cyclopean from Ogre boss in BRD Arena same boss as the belt, drops a 9 spellpower ring

    Trinket 1 : Eye of the Beast

    Part of the ony attune

    Trinket 2 : Briarthorn Reed
    Boss : Jed
    Easy to acquire, Jed/rend runs are rampant on the server atm.

    This is just the gear that is availiable right now but when DM comes out theres rod of the ogre magi, gives less SP dmg but gives crit, i dont know if i will switch to that or not, Bracers with spell dmg drop, but if you have bracers that have 21 dmg on em already i wouldnt switch for a little bit of int and lose spell power. Same for cloak that comes out

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    The gear list is intended for fighting bosses (lvl 63 mobs), with curse of the elements applied, using Greater Arcane Elixir, Wizard Oil and Flask of Supreme Power, Using either the Winter’s Chill spec or the Arcane Power spec. Intelligence and Crit is worth more for us vs non-lvl 63 mobs (since it is impossible to get hit capped right now), so it has to be stressed that this is the BiS list for fighting bosses, not anything else.

    The list
    Helm: Dragonskin Cowl of X (Fire resistance is the best) (Gyth, UBRS)
    Neck: Tempest Talisman (Hydrospawn, DM East)
    Shoulders: Champion’s/Lieutenant Commander’s Silk Shoulderpads (Rank 10 PvP)
    Back: Heliotrope Cloak (Guard Mol’dar/Fengus/Slip’kik, DM North)
    Chest: Robe of the Archmage (Pattern from LBRS, Craftable)
    Wrist: Arcanist Bindings (Trash drop, MC)
    Weapon: Elemental Mage Staff (World Drop) (If you have absolutely no life, the Rank 14 PvP 2h staff)
    Wand: Freezing Shard (Trash drop, RFD)
    Gloves: General’s/Marshal’s Silk Handguards (Rank 12 PvP)
    Belt: Clutch of Andros (Kirtonos the Herald, Scholo)
    Legs: General’s/Marshal’s Silk Trousers (Rank 12 PvP)
    Feet: Blood Guard’s / Knight Lieutenant’s Silk Walkers (Rank 7 PvP)
    Rings: 2x Freezing Band (World Drop)
    Trinket 1: Eye of the Beast (Quest reward)
    Trinket 2: Briarwood Reed (Jed Runewatcher, UBRS)

    If you aren’t rank 12
    Shoulders: Boreal Mantle (Warder Stilgiss, BRD)
    Gloves: Blood Guard’s / Knight Lieutenant’s Silk Handwraps (Rank 7 PvP)
    Legs: Skyshroud Leggings (Highlord Omokk, LBRS)

    If you aren’t flasking
    Belt: Oddly Magical Belt (Tribute Chest, DM North)

    Honorable mentions (AKA wearing any of these items is close to wearing the BiS)
    Helm: Arcanist Crown (Garr, MC)
    Belt: Arcanist Belt (Trash, MC) (only with the 3set)
    Wand: Bonecreeper Stylus (Darkmaster Gandling, Scholo) (1 SP less than BiS)
    Back: Chromatic Cloak (Craftable) (If you prefer the stamina and the resistance over 10 int)
    Back: Sapphiron Drape (Onyxia)
    Back: Azure Silk Cloak (Craftable)
    Back: Brightcloth Cloak (Craftable)
    Gloves: Hands of Power (Quartermaster Zigris, LBRS) (If you dont have the R7 gear)
    Wrists: Magiskull Cuffs (World Drop) (3 intelligence less than BiS)
    Chest: Freezing Lich Robes (Ras Frostwhisper, Scholo)
    Ring: Maiden’s circle (BoE World Drop)
    Ring: Eye of Orgrimmar / Songstone of Ironforge (Quest)
    Feet: Arcanist Boots (If you have the 3set and you’re not Rank 7)
    Feet: Omnicast Boots (Golem Lord Argelmach, BRD) (If you dont have the 3set T1 / Rank 7)
    Weapon: Rod of the Ogre Magi (Tribute chest, DM North)
    Helm: Cap of the Scarlet Savant (Craftable)
    Wand: Lethtendris’s Wand (Lethtendris, DM East)

    Additional notes
    The 3 piece set bonus from Tier 1 is very good, and a 3 piece combination of the wrists, feet, and the belt is the next best thing if you lack the Rank 7 feet/gloves. The tier1 3set consisting of head/wrists/belt is ~1-2 spelldamage worse than the best alternative, a difference so small that it really comes down to what you personally prefer, crits and mana vs spelldamage. If you do not have the 3 piece set bonus, the only piece worth wearing over the alternatives is the wrists.

    The worth of Blade of Eternal Darkness from Maraudon is debatable and worth looking into.

    Best enchants currently in the game
    9 int to 2H
    7 int to wrists
    4 stats to chest (roughly a 0,5 SP upgrade over just running +100 mana, have fun spending ~100 gold for that)
    5 to all resistances to cloak
    5 to all resistances to shoulders (Argent Dawn exalted)
    Libram of Focus (8 SP to legs/head)
    Minor Speed Increase to Feet

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    Below are the pre-raid BiS gear required for raider status, PVP gear is not expected, but nice to have
    (let me know if I missed anything)

    Bloodvine Goggles (Crafted, Engineering) Link
    Crimson Felt Hat (Magistrate Barthilas – UD Strat) Link

    Orb of the Darkmoon (Darkmoon Faire, 1200 tickets) Link
    Tempest Talisman (Hydrospawn, DM East) Link

    Lieutenant Commander’s Silk Mantle (pvp) Link
    Boreal Mantle (Warder Stiglis, BRD) Link

    Archivist Cape of Frozen Wrath (Archivist Galford, Live Strat) Link
    Heliotrope Cloak (Any Guard, DM North) Link
    Cloak of Frozen Wrath (Anywhere)

    Bloodvine Vest (Crafted, Tailoring) Link

    Dryads Wrist Bindings (WSG exalted) Link
    Bracers of Frozen Wrath (Anywhere)
    Sublime Wristguards (Random Guards, DM N) Link

    Sageclaw (AB exalted) Link
    Tome of the Ice Lord (AV exalted) Link
    Rod of the Ogre Magi (Tribute Chest, DM N) Link

    Dragon’s Finger of Frozen Wrath (Anywhere) Link
    Wand of Biting Cold (AV quest reward) Link

    Knight-Lieutenant’s Silk Handwraps (PVP) Link
    Shivery Handwraps (Ras Frostwhisper, Scholomance) Link
    Gloves of Biting Cold (Anywhere)

    Highlander’s Cloth Girdle (AB honored) Link

    Bloodvine Leggings (Crafted, Tailoring) Link

    Bloodvine Boots (Crafted, Tailoring) Link

    Freezing Band x2 (World Drop) Link

    Eye of the Beast (LBRS, Quest item) Link
    Briarwood Reed (UBRS, Jed) Link

    +30 SP to weapon
    +7 int to bracers
    +4 stats to chest
    +18 SP to shoulders (ZG exalted, not expected for pre-raid)
    +5 to all resistances to cloak
    +18 SP, +1% hit to head/legs (ZG, not expected for pre-raid)
    +8 SP to head/legs (DM, expected for pre-raid)
    Minor Speed Increase to Feet

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    Mage Pre Naxx BIS list:

    Head – Enigma Circlet with ZG enchant
    Neck – Amulet of Vek’nilash
    Shoulders – Enigma Shoulderpads if spell pen doesnt work then – Mantle of the Blackwing Cabal
    Chest – Enigma Robes
    Cloak- Cloak of the Devoured
    Bracers – Rockfury Bracers or Bracers of Arcane Accuracy
    Gloves – Dark Storm Gauntlets
    Belt – Eyestalk Waist Cord
    Pants – Leggings of the Black Blizzard with ZG enchant
    Boots – Boots of Epiphany
    Ring 1- Ring of the Fallen God
    Ring 2- Ritssyn’s Ring of Chaos
    Trinket 1- Neltharion’s Tear
    Trinket 2 – Debateable based on fight length/mechanics.
    Weapon – Sharpened Silithid Femur
    Offhand – Royal Scepter of Vek’lor

    Edit: All the links are broken!

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