EXCLUSIVE: Glam ex-jockey busts the lid on horrific sexism in racing


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    Former top jockey Libby Hopwood has had huge success over her long career in the industry – but it’s as a racing tipster where the effervescent 36-year-old is making waves.<br>Hopwood, a well-respected horsewoman, was one of ‘s top riders, retiring after a horrific fall in 2014 before spending time as a popular presenter with Sky Racing.<br>But the self-described ‘foxy’ woman has always had a cheeky, open and nature – which leaves her perfectly suited to giving eager punters racing tips on subscription platform OnlyFans thanks to two of her best assets: her ability to analyse form and find winners and volumptuous figure. <br> <br /> Many would say racing has been pale, stale and male for some time, be it in the training, riding or ownership ranks – and while it is no doubt improving, Hopwood told the Daily Mail Australia she is keen to shake it up and help racing get back to its larrikin roots.<br> Libby Hopwood is (almost) baring all on OnlyFans, and is keen to shake racing up<br> Former jockey Hopwood announces to the world that she has joined OnlyFans to give keen punters racing tips in more risque outfits than the typical racing presenter<br>It clear took some mental adjustment putting herself out there on the world wide web, but her strong will and desire not to give a c**p have helped her push through any short-sighted points of view.<br>She’s both turning a new wave of people into racing lovers with her account, and helping those who already well enjoy it on another level. <br>’There was some trepidation about how this (signing up with OnlyFans) was going to be received but shaking racing up a bit was also a part of it as well, because I like just challenging the status quo,’ said Hopwood. <br>’And it’s been mostly positive, which is been interesting. There’s obviously been some things happening behind the scenes that aren’t so positive, but my family and friends, that’s all I care about. <br>My partner (Ben Graham) loves what I’m doing, My family doesn’t care. They support me. So if they want to have a go at it, then that’s fine. But we’ve got people talking and that was the point of it,’ said a defiant Hopwood.<br> Libby Hopwood said partner Ben Graham has been hugely supportive of her move into OnlyFans<br>While she is intent on getting racing back to its larrikin roots as opposed to the sport of the elite, which it at times leans towards now, Hopwood admits there has been some issues.<br>Whenever a dominant female puts themselves out there, people often seem intent on cutting the proverbial ‘tall poppy’ down – but Hopwood is determined to push through that and ensure people of all genders, races and backgrounds can enjoy the beauty of horse racing. <br>’It’s a little bit tricky at the moment because there is this stigma attached to OnlyFans,’ she admitted. <br>’Racing really still has that perception that it’s champagne and horses, but it’s the larrikins behind the scenes that really make up racing.<br>’Racing wouldn’t be able to go without all the boots on the ground and all the Aussie people … and it’s also wonderful the amount of multicultural people involved in racing these days, too,’ said Hopwood. <br>
    Libby Hopwood is proud of herself and her body – but admits she has often experienced stigma and sexism in the industry<br>That stigma doesn’t only apply to OnlyFans. Females in the male-dominated industry often face double standards and sexist comments, as Hopwood explains.<br>’I would cop crap when I was writing for being curvy, even back then. So I was 52kg, and people would still say, ‘Oh, she’s overweight,’ she said.<br>’When I retired and I started putting on weight, the amount of people that took it upon themselves to tell me how fat I’d gotten was incredible. I was like, ‘You don’t get to do that anymore!’ Now you know what? I’m a bit curvy and people love it – you can kiss my ass!<br>’I distinctly remember getting legged up onto a horse one day, and bearing in mind it was my ex, so it was obviously coming from a vindictive place, but he made a comment about how big my arse looked, and all the jockeys laughed. I got around behind the gates and tore shreds off everybody. <br>’There was even one morbidly-obese male trainer that took it upon himself to tell me how good a paddock I’ve been in (euphemism for gaining weight).<br>’I was like, ‘you want to like you want to repeat that?’, and he repeated it. I said: ‘Oh I heard you. I was just giving you an opportunity to walk it back,’ Hopwood said – in an example that is just one of disgustingly many. <br> Hopwood told Daily Mail Australia that it is often hard as a female being judged for your body, but she has learned to let it go<br>Hopwood also admitted that she has often had an unhealthy relationship with her body, given she was forced to weigh herself several times a day as a jockey and often faced comments for her curvy figure – that was still only 52kg. <br>’It’s the the old perpetuating stereotype of a female’s worth is tied to her looks and body, and then it’s also ramped up a notch when you’re in racing, when your weight is actually something that is open for discussion,’ she said. <br>’I do not have a healthy relationship with the scales after my career, but at the end of the day, all the lingerie I started buying when I was still riding does still fit me – and that’s all I need to know. A few bras are a little bit small now, but just they just make them look extra voluptuous!'<br> Libby Hopwood was previously a presenter at Sky Racing where she provided form analysis and insights into the riding aspect of racing<br>One might expect a few creeps might pop up on her OnlyFans to ask her for inappropriate requests, but Hopwood said it is pretty much just really keen racing fans and those who are part of the ‘kinky’ community who are well aware of the boundaries.  <br>’It’s been great interacting with all the fans, most of them are just on there for racing. So it’s been great chatting racing all day with guys that just love it, and I’ve got a few girls on there that love racing as well,’ she said. <br>’I’ve sort of alluded to my kinky nature as well, so I’ve got like two avenues of fans. They’re either coming from racing or they’re coming from the kink side to marry the two!<br>’It’s really based around communication and consent, and the different protocols and rules that go into kink. So the kinks are usually the most respectful ones on there, operating within parameters of kink lifestyle, which has so many rules about how to interact with people,’ said Hopwood. <br> Libby Hopwood says her partner Ben Graham has been hugely supporting of her move into OnlyFans<br>Hopwood is also lucky to have the support of her dashingly handsome long-term partner Ben Graham – who is right by her side through it all.  <br>’I wouldn’t be doing this without giving me the confidence to step into this, and when I have received a little bit of criticism, he’s like: ‘Who loves you the most?,’ she said.<br>’It was funny when this first went out there because a few of my clients obviously know him as well and asked ‘How does how does he feel about it all? And I said, D77 who do you think is taking the pictures?’ They just laughed.<br>’Our relationship is the most openly communicative relationship I’ve ever had. So this has been a process for us as well. We started small and we we spoke about it every step of the way, and there’s rules in place about what he wants and what I want. <br>’We share a lot of what we do and a lot of ourselves, but we don’t share at all,’ said Hopwood. <br> Libby Hopwood is on OnlyFans as Foxy.Miss and gives daily racing tips to keen punters in her now-synonymous kinky style<br>Hopwood won over $5.2million in prizemoney in a long 3064-race career that featured listed wins – but she explains she was more terrified about putting her body on the internet than being on the reins of a horse going 70km/hr with the entire nation watching.  <br>’It’s actually a decent source of income. My biggest concern was putting my bare bum on the internet and earning 50 bucks, the thought of ‘what if put myself out there and nobody wants it? I’m not sure my ego can take that hit,’ she laughed. <br>’So I was really worried about that. But my partner was like, ‘I think you’re sexy, so if nobody wants it, that’s fine. We’re going to have fun doing it’. <br>’It’s been surprising how much it’s brought in. It’s not life changing yet, but it seems to be on the way to earning us a house. So that’s quite nice,’ said Hopwood.<br> After retiring from riding, Libby Hopwood spent several years as a racing analyst with Sky<br>There will be a lot of money on the line for the Caulfield Cup and Everest today – and Hopwood will be leading up to $300,000 for Punt Club’s live event at the Lord Roberts Hotel in Sydney, where punters can buy into the pot for just $20.  <br>’I was super excited about partnering up with Punt Club, because it allows the average person to buy-in and they can come down to the pub and share a beverage with us, or they can sign in online and just join us at home,’ she said.  <br>’I love the Everest. It’s awesome, but it’s just it’s a little bit prohibitive with the amount of money behind it, which is also why I guess is so good; because you can be involved in it without having to fork out the $600,000 entry fee to get a slot and have a bit of banter with us.  <br>’I’m nervous as hell to be heading up a club that’s going to have such a big kitty though, because it’s more pressure than I had as a jockey! I’m fine with losing my own money, but losing other people’s money terrifies me … but I’m still pumped,’ Hopwood laughed. <br> RELATED ARTICLES

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