Dungeon Leveling Plan

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    No competition, very predictable, easy gear & upgrades

    Ultra repetitive, maintaining 5 people the entire time?, bad reputation gains

    Highly Suggested for Dungeon Leveling (4-5 man):

    1-17: Solo/World (13 hours)
    17-23: Deadmines (12 runs) (~6 hours) (Mobs are 17-20) (1 level per hour) (2-2.5 clears per hour)
    23-28: Stockades (15-18 runs) (~7 hours) (Mobs are 23-26) (70% level per hour) (2-2.5 clears per hour)
    28-30: SM Graveyard (12 runs) (~4 hours) (Mobs are 30-33) (50% level per hour) (3 clears per hour)
    Total to 30: 40 dungeon clears, 30 hours played

    30-32: SM Graveyard & Library (partial)
    32-34: SM Graveyard, Library, & Armory (partial)
    34-37: SM Library & Armory
    37-40: SM Armory & Cathedral
    40-42: SM Cathedral (must be more than 12 min runs else add Armory in)

    *Level 1-5 will be crowded! Use your judgement for questing vs killing. Named mobs respawn fast, items on ground respawn fast, avoid “looting from mobs quests” if possible
    *At level 7, we will head to Hogger (from sign) to do the quest to kill him (great Staff with great DPS) Warriors/Paladins for sure (must train staffs 10 silver any level in Stormwind)
    -As guild, callout in Teamspeak, come if you want!
    *Level 5-14 Do what you must to level ASAP, best to still mix questing with mob killing, judgement based on surrounding population
    *At level 14-17, Dead Mines chain(s) & Westfall Quests
    *At level 17-23 Deadmines (17-20 will be a bit slower because no cleave or pally conc)
    -Level 20 assumption: 79 Non Elites (17 non: 25xp), 121 elites (17: 58xp, 18: 66xp, 19: 73xp, 20: 81xp)
    -Approx: 10,396xp per DM clear (need ~2.5 runs per level)
    -You should be able to maintain about 26k xp per hour in Deadmines, meaning you can go from 18-23 in 4.5-5 hours, averaging 1 run per 24 min (camp out? how to get to entrance faster?)
    https://classicdb.ch/?quests=2.1581 (8100 xp for all quests – turn in before you hit 24, ideally planned to ding 23 off the turnins)
    Red Silk Bandages (available at top of Tower after Defias Escort quest complete)
    Underground Assault (Shoni in Stormwind Dwarven District: Kill 2nd boss)
    Defias Brotherhood (available after Defias Escort complete @ Tower) (If you have Smite’s Mighty Hammer, grab Strength legs instead of Staff of Westfall!)
    The Unsent Letter (Last boss drop sending to Stockades)
    ***Collecting Memories (Stormwind Dwarven District Wilder Thistlenettle) punch cards Outside DM) – Could be bad drop/respawn/Non shared rate — Maybe skip quest
    Do this one: (Stormwind Dwarven District Wilder Thistlenettle) Oh Brother (Kill named Mob)
    *At level 20 (train in Stormwind for Cleave (warriors))
    *At level 20-23 continue Dead Mines speed grind (Hopefully we get Smite’s Mighty Hammer or Cruel Barb (rogues))

    *At level 23-28ish do Stockades (wait till turn in quests until 28 and done with Stockades) (7 hours) (15-18 runs)
    -Level 24 assumption: 92 Elites (23: 97xp, 24: 107xp, 25: 113xp, 26: 117 xp) 8900xp – 9900 xp per clear
    Quell The Uprising (Outside Stockades)
    The Color of Blood (Old Town – Stormwind: Nikova Raskol)
    Crime and Punishment (Darkshire)
    The Stockade Riots (Chain from VanCleef) Stormwind & Outside Stockades)
    What Comes Around….(Redridge Lakeshire: Guard Berton)

    *As a group head up to Wetlands and do a few quick Elite quests
    The Dark Iron War (Northern Wetlands) (https://classicdb.ch/?quest=303), A Grim Task (Northern Wetlands) (https://classicdb.ch/?quest=304), The Thandol Span (all 4 quests in chain) (https://classicdb.ch/?quest=631)

    *At level 28-42 start Scarlet Monastery
    -Mythology of the Titans: quest at lvl 28 Hall of Explorers in Ironforge (https://classicdb.ch/?quest=1050)
    -Graveyard 28-30 (rare spawns!) (6944 xp per clear – 32 elites & 39 non elites) (30: 132xp, 31: 140xp, 32: 157xp, 33: 164xp) (Non elite: 56xp)

    -Level 30-32: Library (partial -end hall or 2 35s & 36s skip) & Graveyard
    -Level 32-34: Library & Armory & Graveyard
    -Level 34 you can pick up quest “Brother Anton” https://classicdb.ch/?quest=6141 (Stormwind to Desolace) which after killing 30 skellys in Desolace you can grab “In the Name of the Light” from Southshore Hillsbrad (Raleigh the Devout) https://classicdb.ch/?quest=1053 (Great alternative to Whirlwind Axe)
    -Level 34-37 (Library & Armory)
    -Level 37-40 (Armory & Cathedral)
    -Level 40-42 (Cathedral only? Greater than 12 min runs required…)

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    • This topic was modified 6 months, 3 weeks ago by  pronator.

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