Really good Stat weight Spreadsheet BiS list, Consumable list.

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    Both of these spreadsheets are editable but you’ll need a google account to copy them to your drive so that you can edit to your specific gear and such, both are really useful and I really recommend reading both, even though they are from private servers they are still extremely handy and useful.

    First links – Stat weights (Healing stats) – Spreadsheet includes BiS list and consumables list at bottom
    Forum post – Stat weights
    Spreadsheet – stat weights

    If you don’t want to read all of the text in the forum post then I at least HIGHY RECOMMEND taking a look at the BiS list, it’s the best I’ve come across.

    Next links – Spellcrit weight charts for Holy light and Flash of light (ranks above level 20) – Item comparison tool at the bottom of spreadsheet
    Forum post – Spellcrit.
    Spreadsheet – SpellCrit

    Side note on SpellCrit: WoWhead has a “stats guide” that claims “Paladins receive 1% Spell Critical Strike chance for every 54 points of intellect.” while on private servers and from a few other sources the conversion amount was 29.5 int per spell crit, as of this post this stat guide was updated last on 2019/07/01 at 11:23 AM.

    on 2019/07/15 WoWhead posted a “Classic gear planner” and it shows 2.37% spell crit with no gear at level 60, but if you add the item “helm of the life giver” (30 intellect) your spell crit is now at 3.39%.

    Conversion rate for intellect to spell crit doesn’t seem to be 100% known right now and it will have an effect on gearing, these links none the less are great info and reference guides to use when comparing items.

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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 1 week ago by  Gitsbb.
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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 1 week ago by  Gitsbb.

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