Welcome to Toxic!

We are a North America based guild playing on Alliance. We will roll on a PVP server when they announced names.​

We are a semi-hardcore (we will lean more hardcore towards the start) U.S. raiding guild and have been playing together since April of 2015. We have raided mainly Vanilla content, but have delved into TBC and WOTLK as well. We run a 9 Hour raid week. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays are the focus of our main group. Before enough content is available, or enough alts to do more than one raid, raid times will be used for focus farming or remaining dungeon gearing. We look forward to having a stronger PVP presence in Classic compared to our Past. We look at skill, attitude, and gear/dedication to character in that order. We do not carry dead weight or people who clash with the guild.

While we take the game and the experience very seriously, we are realistic about our capabilities. The majority of us are in our late 20’s to early 30’s, maintain a full time job, and take care for our families. Wow has been a cornerstone in many of our lives for the past 14 years. While we are always pushing to do the new content, we do not leave our friends behind. The best part of wow that we all cling to over the many years we played is friendship and the relationships we make along the way. We are a gaming community with Wow being the focus of all of us!

Here at Toxic, we hope to bring a different type of guild from most. We want to be tight-knit, supportive of each other, not afraid to point our friends to become better; we encourage friendly competition; we look for members going out of their way to assist; we want to be that old school fun guild that doesn’t feel like a job, but rather a community of friends who want to kick a little ass! I will put a lot of effort into bringing very popular posts and guides into a central location on our website ( to allow for your focus to be on the game, rather than trying to research how to best play your class, or where to go to level a profession.

Our Leadership: 

Our leadership has experience leading in all retail walks of life up: from Vanilla up to and including the Draenor expansion. The guild leaders, Pronator & Michaelfox, have been around since the game was first released in 2004. They have experienced all end game raids during their prime.

Loot System:

Loot Council- The Loot Council will be made up of class ldeaders, and a random rotation of regular raid members. We will do a prioritized loot system where we are distributing the loot in the most fair way possible, based on BIS and class needs. We plan on putting a ton of effort into ensuring the right gear gets in the right players hands. We have always prided ourselves in being completely transparent with all decisions and encourage all to talk through all loot (outside of when we are raiding of course).

Main Raid Times:

We raid from 10 p.m. till 1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (7 p.m. till 10 p.m. PST). Currently, the days we raid are Wednesday , Thursday , and Monday. Raiders are expected to be online an hour or so before raid for raid buffs and to pull on time.
We plan on going for every world boss that we can unless it is at an extremely unoptimal time.
We plan on doing a secondary raid group on weekends, strong alt characters or members who cannot make the primary raid time will make up the majority of this raid group. We will treat this raid just as serious as the primary raid.

Our Goals:

Our main goal for the Toxic guild is to progress as far as possible quickly (but enjoying the content as well) and also competing with other fellow guilds for progression.

Our Expectations:

We expect players to be the best they can be, always! This means you should know your class in and out (doing proper research from credible sources). You should have all the addons, macros, and keybindings your class needs in order to be the best. Don’t be a clicker, no one likes a clicker.

What about PVP:

While <Toxic> is mainly focused on the PVE side of the game, PVP will also be organized and encouraged. There are quite a few BIS or easily obtainable PVP items for PVE raiding. We will be coordinating guild pre-made battlegrounds and other fun events!

Why Toxic?:

We are unlike any other guild. We take time to try to mold our entire team as a cohesive unit. We have done many super fun RP Events including Halloween in the Crypts of Karazhan, Christmas & New Year’s parties. We have celebrated unique birthdays as a guild and many other strange but incredible events. We are all in when we set our minds to something. Our player base in our 40 man bolstered an unprecedented 25+ of our team having a 90%+ lifetime attendance to raids (100+ raids). Don’t ask Why, ask Why not!!!`

Our Current High Recruitment needs are:

Warlock, Resto Druid, Dwarf Holy Priest

People who play on Off hours/weekends, or don’t always want to raid are more than welcome to join as well, we want to always have something going on. We will accept any role interested in our non primary raid times currently, as well as anyone who is just looking for a home for classic.
Look up Pronator on Youtube for some of our older raids, and guild meetings to get a feel for us.
Apply to the team today!

Valmanway– Recruitment Officer
Pronator — GM of <Toxic>
Michaelfox– Raid Leader and Human Resource Manager