About Us

Welcome to <Toxic>!

Our roots started in May of 2015 on Nostalrius as the guild Vintage (initial merge of Valor and Vintage).  A few months later we decided to update our guild name to Toxic.  After the 2016 shutdown, we found a new home on Kronos II.  We played there from May 2016 to December 2016 when Nostalrius announced they were coming back via Elysium.

We brought our Kronos guild over but because of about 20 of our raiders didn’t have any Nostalrius toon’s yet, we started the powerlevel grind.  We successfully power-leveled 20 of our core from December 21st to January 23rd.  We made a return to Anathema (previously Nostalrius) when it was opened once again and quickly progressed through AQ40. However. due to declining server population, we decided to once again move. This time to Warmane Outland.  The pay to win concept that proved fatal on the Warmane servers caused a quick end to the joy of the game.  We stopped playing on the TBC server in January 2018 and tried the Wrath server.  From January 2018 to March 2018 we were there but the same issues of the pay to win approach along with the fact that we were initially progressing while the server had ICC heroic on farm for multiple year (massive gear discrepancy with pvp) caused us to stop playing there.  We heard Kronos was coming out with a new server and we never looked back!  We are currently playing on K3 and awaiting the much anticipated release of Classic Vanilla from Blizzard Entertainment!

Our core leadership team has been raid leading successful guilds since 2005.  We are led by Pronator and Michaelfox.  Here at <Toxic> we take great pride in our ability to successfully clear content at a staggering pace with a relaxed attitude.  Everyone in this guild is responsible for themselves and we do not carry slackers.  If you enjoy progression focused raiding without the drama then drop us an application or whisper.