Resto gear

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    This is a good base of what we need to be preraid bis. Now considering DM isnt out yet, we will have to get the peices we can get, have some gear with mp5, and some gear with healing is the way im going. That way for shorter fights ill have the bugger heals and long fights ill have the mana to last longer.
    Not every healer has the same style.Thats ok, as long as you dont gimp yourself, everything should be fine!!

    Head: Clever Hat – DM:E Jumprun
    Neck: Nothing really stands out here, honored AV gives a nice mp5 neck, low prio.
    Shoulders: Living Shoulders – 7g on AH
    Cloak: Hide of the Wild – AH
    Chest: Mindsurge Robe – DM:N Tribute
    Bracers: Loomguard Armbracers – Kirtinos the Herald in Scholo, but pick up Bracers of Prosperity from DM:N Tribute first
    Gloves: Harmonious Gauntlets – DM:N Last Boss (do in tribute runs)
    Belt: Whipvine Cord – DM:E jump run
    Legs: Padre’s Trousers – DM:W (finding groups is difficult)
    Boots: Merciful Greaves – DM:E Jumpruns
    Rings: Fordring’s Seal from the quest In Dreams Ring of Demonic Guile from DM:E Jumpruns
    Trinkets: Mindtap Talisman – DM:W Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas (buy “Flame Shock and you” book on AH for 7g, hand in at DM library)
    Weapon: Energetic Rod – DM:E Jumpruns untill you’re done with DM, then farm 7D in BRD for The Hammer of Grace
    Offhand: Millie’s Lexicon – Shards of the Felvine quest, untill you can get AV exalted

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