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    /cast Furious Howl(Rank 4) <---Or whatever rank you have. /cast Aimed Shot(Rank 6) This macro will replace your aimed shot ability on your UI. Inside a raid your pet should pretty much just stand next to you and you should also be using a wolf so you have the furious howl ability. Do not put furious howl on auto cast, this way you can use this macro to cast furious with your aimed shot every time. If you use the the rotation: aimed shot, auto, multi-shot, auto, auto, repeat, furious howl will always be up with your aimed shot you will just have to hit the macro button again after you cast aimed shot to cast furious howl. Note: You need to time this so when casting furious howl there isn't already an arrow flying as the buff will count towards the auto attack instead of aimed shot. /cast Scatter Shot /script PetPassiveMode(); This macro will replace your scatter shot ability on your UI. This one will simply put your pet into passive mode when using scatter shot so it doesn't break the CC. This is more of a pvp macro but it can be useful in pve situations also. /cast Freezing Trap(Rank 3) /script PetFollow(); PetPassiveMode(); /cast Feign Death This macro will replace whatever trap you use it for on your UI. To use it for a different trap simply replace the first line with whatever trap you wish to use it for, the rest stays the same. I personally prefer to have all my traps macro'd this way. This is a sequence macro. Hit it once while out of combat and you will lay the trap. Hit it once while in combat and you will feign death. Hit it twice, or just spam it, while in combat and you will FD and lay the trap. It will also automatically put your pet in passive and make it follow you so it doesn't break the trap and/or instantly put you back into combat. I've been trying to figure out how to make one to drink combined with FD. Just using /use Morning Glory Dew isn't working for me. But, in raids it is useful to keybind whatever drink you are using so you can FD and drink when needed. If someone knows how to make a working FD/drink macro please share!

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    Hopefully some of these will work, but as I saw last night the current retail macros are working and the original 1.12.1 macros would not work. This includes but not limited to instance resets and petattack macro’s

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