Edge off Madness

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    Edge of Madness

    The Edge of Madness was a subregion of the old Zul’Gurub raid, accessed by turning right at the crossroads just past Zanza’s Rise. It contains a scripted event which is essential to the creation of the various Zul’Gurub trinkets.

    Within this area, players will find a lit brazier and a number of tablets along the walls. Of particular interest, the tablet behind the brazier allows alchemists to learn the formula for Gurubashi Mojo Madness. Like the repair bot schematic in Blackrock Depths, this is not an item to pick up but to interact with (fixed device); all alchemists in the raid can learn this formula at the same time. This potion requires Blood of Heroes, Massive Mojo, Black Lotus, and 6 Powerful Mojo to create, but the potion can be traded after it is made, and can often be purchased at the auction house. The only use for this potion is to extinguish the brazier in this room, which starts the event.

    As of January 4, 2007, Blizzard stated that this event was bugged. Extinguishing the fire did not begin the event, but it consumed the Gurubashi Mojo Madness. As of patch 2.1 this appears to have been fixed. Source

    This event will spawn one of four possible bosses: Gri’lek, Renataki, Hazza’rah, and Wushoolay. Each boss will drop between one and three of his particular tokens, with a chance for a rare item as well. Each boss’s loot table is small and entirely unique; these rare items are available only from them.

    There are tablets on the walls describing each boss; one of these tablets will indicate which boss will spawn by commenting that he is “close to the edge of madness.” The particular boss which spawns is chosen according to a spawn calendar, going by the day the instance ID was created. This is somewhat convenient when multiple players are trying to create their trinkets; however, since a player needs all four tokens to create his trinket, this also means that it will take at least a month and a half to acquire the needed parts … assuming, of course, that there is minimal competition for these tokens.

    Trash mobs: the Imps

    Imps do heavy amounts of damage. Plus, when you kill them they open a portal and 2 elite voidwalkers with a damage aura will come out. So you need to kill one imp at a time. They are demons so you will be able to banish or enslave them. At least two warlocks are recommended, although you can get by with less if your raid follows directions well and can stop dps on imps and wait for voidwalkers to spawn and be killed. The mad Voidwalkers that are summoned after the Imps are killed are not banishable.

    Another trick is to use enslave on the imps. Their physical attacks are slowed when using this spell, but their ranged fire attack can be spammed, resulting in a high DPS output. Used correctly, they can even help to bring down the harder bosses in ZG.



    Half of the time, you can fight him as you would any other melee mob (although he is immune to taunt).

    The other half of the time he uses his unique special ability: his size doubles, and his attacks increase dramatically in damage (5000+ on average). This also causes him to wipe all previously accumulated threat. However, while in this form his movement is dramatically slowed. He announces which player he has targeted, so everyone should be ready to run if they see their name spoken. He also has a tremor ability which causes stun effects in an area around him. At least one priest or paladin should be assigned to dispelling any root effects which strike Gri’lek’s current target, to ensure that Gri’lek does not catch and one-shot him.

    Note as of Patch 1.10.2, he will not fixate on a single target while enraged. Recommendation is play pingpong with him.



    Renataki is a rogue, one of several bosses which can spawn during the Edge of Madness event within Zul’Gurub. His special ability is to use vanish and he will randomly appear and ambush someone which can do quite a bit of damage. He is not that hard of a boss, just throw a few rogues on him and have them tank him and you can DPS him down. His vanish will not break on dots.

    It can break now and then on AoE damage (also by warrior’s casting Demoralizing Shout) and bring him out of stealth, so it might be a good idea to huddle up the caster group with an OT and have the mages and other AoE capable stand at the edges to try and make him visible again before an ambush from him, which usually kills a cloth wearer, and then let the OT pick up the aggro and bring it back to the melee group. Before he vanishes, he usually gouges everyone in melee range, so the mages have a bit of time to get into position.

    One useful tactic is to stick hunters’ and/or warlocks’ pets on him. They will continue to follow him even after he vanishes, giving you a steady indication of his position.



    Hazza’rah is an undead type boss. His abilities of note include a chain mana drain, illusion summoning, and an area of effect sleep. He has an extremely small (approx. 5000) mana pool for a boss.

    Mana Burn: Hazza’rah casts an AoE mana burn. This appears to chain through raid members. He cannot use this attack if he has no mana himself.
    Illusions: Hazza’rah periodically summons three illusions. These can look like a felguard, an abomination, a giant lasher, or a devilsaur. Each spawns targeting a member of the raid and will attack that person unless intercepted or killed. These illusions deal physical attacks that hit for approximately 5000 damage before armor mitigation. Illusions are immune to area of effect attacks, but they only have 500 health.
    Mass Sleep: Another periodic attack on the raid, Hazza’rah puts all opponents within range to sleep. This combined with the damage from the illusions can get messy.


    Have warlocks Drain Mana and a hunter Viper Sting from the start of the fight. Keeping viper sting on him for the duration of the encounter to keep him at zero mana will reduce or prevent his mana burn attack.
    The Illusions should be dealt with quickly, because they will kill most players in a single attack. A single Multishot or Fire Blast will kill an illusion, so a minimum of three hunters or mages can be assigned to neutralize illusions entirely. Assigning more players to attack illusions as they spawn will reduce the likelihood that an individual is targeted and eliminated. Stoneclaw Totems are effective to buy extra time. Since the illusions are undead, Exorcism can also be used to kill them quickly.
    Tremor Totems and Divine Shield will break the sleep effect. Hazzrah’s attacks will break the sleep on the tank, who should also use healthstones or potions if needed. Having Heal Over Time spells active during sleeps minimizes this threat. Illusions will attack sleeping players and the only major complication to this fight is when these abilities happen in rapid succession.
    Because of the mana drain, it is best to keep DPS on Hazza’rah high, as healers may have trouble with mana.



    Wushoolay like all the other Edge of Madness bosses is a single-stage fight. This fight is fairly simple for well-geared guilds and requires only a few deviations from the standard tank/heal fight.

    When Wushoolay creates a lightning cloud of death you should move out from under it, as is the case with many lightning clouds of death this one hurts. However your guild manages to do stage 2 of Venoxis should be very similar to the tanking of this fight.
    Keep Wushoolay mana burned.
    Casters need to be spread he has a chain attack that will destroy support if they are all bunched together.
    Edit: This can be avoided by tanking him face away from the group as it seems that he only casts in front of him. Though it is very hard to keep him constantly faced away because you walk a lot around with him to avoid the lightning cloud.

    Focus your heals on the Main Tank as Wushoolay hits hard and can easily down a tank in a few hits.
    If you are having a lot of trouble with an undergeared tank, I would suggest telling him to put his NR gear on. With 250 NR I noticed that his lightning attacks did minimal damage. However, it is good to keep in mind that the extra melee damage one would take from stat sacrificing NR gear would probably make pure NR gear not such a bad idea.

    Edit: NR is a good idea because he seems to carry his personal poison cloud with him as well. If you have no NR, then keep NR totem and Poison Cleansing totem up (for Horde) and let Hunters keep Aspect of the Wild.

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