Addon Compendium (Work in Progress)

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    *To be updated
    Bulk Download
    Critical Addons

    Action Bars: Power Auras, Bongos, Bartender, Discord Action Bars, ECastingBar, OmniCC
    Auction House: Auctioneer, Aux
    Bags: Bagnon, OneBag
    Class Specific:Necrosis (Warlock Dots), TankBuddy
    Raid Encounters: BigWigs, NECB, Decursive, Theorycraft, VanillaHealingAssignments, SW Stats, Recap, KLH Threat Meter
    Buffs & Debuffs: ElkanosBuffBars,, Buffalo
    Chat: WIM, Prat
    Map & Minimap: SimpleMiniMap, Cartographer
    Quality of Life: LazyPig, Gmail, Xloot, ClassicSnowfall, MoveAnything, MouseoverMacros, CTRaidMod, MBB, Outfitter
    Professions: Gatherer, Ackis Recipe List, Shagu, FishingBuddy
    Other: Titan Panel, FuBar, Atlasloot, LazyPig, Ace/Ace2, Improved Error Frame, SuperMacro, CCWatch
    Questing: Questie, Shagu, ShaguKill, EQL3,
    Unit Frames: Luna, Pitbull, Xpearl, ShaguPlates, Discord Unit Frames
    Unit Frame Other: Align, Tinytip, NiceDamage, MobHealth3, MSBT, TrinketMenu, CritLine
    Custom UI’s: ShaguUI, Nerfed UI

    To Do’s: Insert Descriptions, Pictures, Slash Commands, Tutorials/Links

    Update Bongos Link

    Bulk Download

    Critical Addons Zip

    Pronator’s Suggested

    GSO’s Suggested

    Must Have


    UI Packages: ShaguUI, Nerfed UI

    *****Pronator Suggested, GSO Suggested, Must Haves

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    Action Bars
    1 Bongos Download Now

    Bongos positions itself as a simple and quick action bar replacement, and in this mission it succeeds with flying colors. Upon installation, the entire default action bar area is replaced with a small stack of 10 action bars, a pet bar, a class bar, your bags, the main menu, and a few other bongo elements, depending on your choice of installed pieces.

    Slash Commands:

    2 Discord Action Bars Download Now

    This mod gives you 10 hotbars and 120 buttons to play with. It also hides the default interface art. Here’s some of what you can do with the bars: * Drag a bar to where you want it. * Set the number of buttons per bar * Set the number of rows in which to display the buttons * Set the amount of space between each button on the bar * Set the size of each button on the bar * Set the transparency of the bar * Configure a background behind and border around the bar * Lock buttons to prevent you accidentally dragging actions off them * Hide empty buttons * Define a default target to use when you have no target and click a button * Define other actions to use when right-click or middle-click a button * Collapse the bar to the left to fill in empty buttons * Configure the shapeshift bar, bag bar, pet bar, and micro bar * Set the colors for out of range, not enough mana, and unsuable displays * Define bars to be shown when you switch into a certain stance/aura/stealth/animal form. Define a main bar to have those bars switch with it when you change forms. * Set bars to display when you’re in combat, you’re not in combat, you have friendly target, you have a hostile target, you’re holding down a key you defined, or you move the mouse over where the bar is hiding. * Define macros to be run in response to game events. These macros do not use any of your base 18 macros and have a limit of 7500 characters. * Configure control boxes that you can click or mouseover to show/hide bars. They can be used to build a menu that controls bar display and doesn’t use any of your macros. * Configure solo buttons (referred to as ‘floaters’) that aren’t attached to any bar. ** READ THESE!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! ** ** IMPORTANT NOTE: ** This mod DOES NOT USE THE DEFAULT UI’S KEYBINDINGS for the action bars. Scroll down in the keybindings menu until you see the Discord Action Bars header. Beneath that is where you set your keybindings. The pet and shapeshift bars still use the default keybindings. ** IMPORTANT NOTE: ** Do NOT set the Use For Shapeshift Form option on the Main Bar to any form. Why did you think the mod was spamming a warning at you when you tried to do so? ** IMPORTANT NOTE: ** DO NOT USE CT_BARMOD OR CT_BOTTOMBAR WITH THIS MOD. CT_BarMod is the mod making your pet/shapeshift bar disappear and probably the one causing your bag bar to display empty buttons. CT_BottomBar is the mod causing the default UI’s art to pop back up when you zone. Either one of them can causes crashes when used with this mod. ** IMPORTANT NOTE: ** Setting up bars that switch when you shapeshift. It’s easy. There’s a section in the readme devoted to it. For those too lazy to read the readme, here it is again simplified somewhat: (1) Misc Options -> Main Bar For Shapeshifting -> choose a bar number (2) Go to that bar’s options. Set its appearance options and place it where you want it on-screen. All bars that switch with this bar will use those appearance options and be placed there. (2b) If you’re a warrior, go to Num Buttons and remove all but 1 button from the bar you set as the Main Bar. (3) Press ESC. Click Key Bindings. Scroll down until you see the Discord Action Bars header. Scroll down to the BUTTON KEYBINDINGS header. Find the bar you set as the Main Bar. Set its keybindings. All bars that switch with the main bar will use those keybindings. (4) Choose another bar. Set the Use For Shapeshift Form option to the animal form / stance / stealth you want this bar to use. Set the When I Shapeshift option to Swap With Main Bar. Check the Hide option. That’s it. You don’t have to set a single other option. (5) Repeat step 4 for all your shapeshift forms.
    3 Bartender 2 Download Now

    Bartender 2 is a Action Bar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization nearly all aspects of your action and related bars.

    Usage and commands:

    /bar lock

    Makes your Action Bars movable and shows bar number. Use command again to lock bars.

    /bar borders

    Enables borders of your Action Bar Icons.

    /bar bar1 swap

    Changes the alignment for Action Bar 1 from horizontal to vertical and reverse. Replace number for other Action Bars you want to swap.

    /bar bar1 scale 100

    Changes the size of your bar. You can use parameters from 10-500. For default it’s 100.

    There are multiple other commands for Bartender 2. For more information simply use:


    Auction House
    1 Auctioneer Download Now

    [Insert Short Description]

    [Insert Pics, Slash Commands, Tutorials/Links]
    2 Aux Download Now

    A Vanilla auction house addOn with features far beyond anything that’s existed for Vanilla before.

    Some Features

    automatic pricing based on live undercutting or historical value
    automatic assembling/posting of multiple stacks
    myriad filtering options
    automatic scanning of all the pages for a search configuration
    saving recent/favorite searches
    listing results sortable by unit price among other things (be careful with ammo and unit prices)
    quick buying from any of the scanned pages
    gathering historical data for price suggestions
    displaying pricing information in item tooltips
    complete replacement for the default UI based on the retail TSM style
    alt-click shortcut for quick buying/bidding/canceling Use with caution!

    Usage Hints

    /aux ignore owner will vastly improve your scan times (especially on the pvp server) at the cost of incomplete owner data and loss of control over whom you buy from.
    in the search listing a green bid price means you have the high bid, an orange one means there’s a bid but not yours
    in the post listing a red price is undercutting both the unit and the stack price you have selected, an orange one only the unit and a yellow one only the stack price
    you can click a bid/buyout price on the post listing to undercut with your bid/buyout, left click for undercutting the unit price, right click for undercutting the stack price
    to perform a full scan to gather historical data just use a regular search without blizzard filter (or any filter to focus on a specific part)
    right click on the continue (“Cont.”) button will discard the aborted search
    right click will add/remove searches to/from your favorites
    alt right click on a search lets you give it a name
    ctrl click on favorite searches lets you reorder them
    right click on the price header in the search table will switch between unit/stack price
    double click on a row with blue colored auction count in the search table will expand it
    hitting tab in the search box will accept an autocompletion
    you can drag/right click inventory items to search/auction as well as right click itemlinks to search
    you can formulate complex post processing filters in polish notation using and, or and not (there’s a whole section about it later in this post) Tooltip Options: /aux tooltip daily /aux tooltip disenchant distribution /aux tooltip disenchant value /aux tooltip disenchant source /aux tooltip vendor buy /aux tooltip vendor sell For those who would like to import the informant vendor price data into aux (must have informant running): Buy

    Code: Select all

    /run for id=1,30000 do local i=Informant.GetItem(id) if i and and > 0 and getn(i.vendors or {}) > 0 then aux_merchant_buy[id] = ( / max(1, i.quantity))..’#’ end end


    Code: Select all

    /run for id=1,30000 do local i=Informant.GetItem(id) if i and i.sell then aux_merchant_sell[id] = i.sell / max(1,i.quantity) end end

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    (note: the folder name needs to be the same as the .toc, “Aux-Addon”, you have to remove the branch name/version number)

    Bags & Interface
    1 Align Download Now

    Very simple and light addon that creates a grid on your screen to aid you in aligning and centering your UI. Align is totally resolution independent, and will create even grids no matter how you play. I will consider any minor tweaks or updates submitted, but nothing that exceeds the small scope of the addon. Default Toggle: /align To change the grid size, type the number after the slash command. Available options: /align 32 /align 64 /align 128 /align 256
    2 Bagnon Download Now

    Bagnon merges all of your bags into three windows: inventory, bank and guild bank. Beyond the basic all-in-one functionality

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